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Learn How Precious Stone Jewelries are Processed and Cut into Perfection


Jewelries are natural stones that are found only in nature and when it is applied with an artful skill of cutting and polishing, the nature stones will then transform into precious stones. When these things are processed, they have to be taken and handled accordingly because even the slightest of mistake will lead to breaking the precious stones and when these are damaged, so does the price when placed available in the market.


If you are going to look at it, there will be a number of processes that has to be done to secure and achieve a great result and some of these include tumbling, drilling, polishing, lapping, sawing, sanding and grinding.


There will also be a lot of forms that we can come up, depending on how the techniques that we have just mentioned are used but generally speaking, they will range from inlays, mosaics, cameos and intaglios, beads and spheres, cabochons, and faceted stones.


There will be a method that has to be followed in order to achieve the right jewelry and in all cases, the very first thing that will be done is to cut the stone into the right amount according to the desired finish and this process is called faceting, since a machine will be used to grin the facet of the stone prior to it being cut and polished. This type of machine is perfectly designed to meet such purpose because the machine holds a grinding plate that is tailored as the lap and a tool called protractors that will be used to hold the stone together. The person who will be using the machine is called the faceter and their main job basically revolves around cutting and polishing the precious stone before it will be send to the next process of perfection.


Basically speaking, the precious stones that are sent from mines will be cleaned and then sent in to be processed and this will then be where the selection starts and depending on the stones shape, color, clarity, and facet will be how the stones will be cut and polished to avoid possibilities of cracks and damages. If the stones are to be processed but has some rough edges, then they will be grinded so that they will be held perfectly when placed in the protractors. If you want to know more about precious stone jewelries, visit


In the event that the cutting is done, then there will be a polishing agent that will be used to polish the facets of the gemstone and when the faceter is to grind the gemstone, the birthstone jewelry should not be grind too long because this will lead to crack the stone and although you can still sell these damaged stones cheap, there will be in no way possible to repair such.

Post by greatgemstonejewelry (2016-03-18 21:47)

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